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My accomplishments and achievements as a digital marketing professional

  • CEO and founder of Kerala’s top-rated Digital Marketing Company – iBOT Solutions.
  • 15 years of unparalleled experience in the field of SEO, PPC & Digital Marketing
  • 4 years of work experience in web development and programming.
  • Google Adwords Certified Professional & Google Analytics Certified Professional
  • Spent more than 4 Crores for Google Ads which is the highest amount spent for Google Ads by any company in Kerala.
  • Worked with eminent companies like Jet Airways.com and Jetlite.com as an SEO specialist & managed SEO campaigns for more than 500 websites.
  • A keen participant of various SEO conferences organized in India and abroad.
  • Trained more than 100 students in the field of digital marketing and the numbers are counting.
  • Developed Online CRM’s for various clients
  • Being expert in programming and development of e-commerce, CMS websites, I am able to handle even the most complicated digital marketing websites.
  • As of now have generated more than 2 lakhs enquiries.
  • Came up with an SEO training institute in Kerala, first of its kind that has earned the reputation of training maximum number of students in the State.
  • As a developer, I am proficient in programming the web marketing apps for the purpose of analysis or monitoring of marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing Consultant

Jitto Jose

Google Adwords & Analytics Certified Professional - Digital or Internet Marketing Consultant

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    Jimmy, Kochi

    Email: jimmytom007@gmail.com, Mobile – 9847241157

    I was sent to Mumbai by my employer for the purpose of acquiring digital marketing skills. I attended the training program in Mumbai but was not at all happy or satisfied with the same. Meanwhile, I decided to look for a better option and that’s how ILT caught my attention. I took the one month digital marketing training program from ILT and it was completely live sessions. I could learn even the most advanced digital marketing techniques with ease which did not happen in my previous training. Thanks ILT – I am a competent digital marketing professional right now.

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    Joseph Antony - Kochi/Madurai

    Email: joeanth@gmail.com, Mobile – +91 9846127273

    Having around 15 years of experience in travel industry, I was quite aware of the scope of online marketing in travel sector. I was determined to get to know more about digital marketing and its intricacies and therefore decided to join a reputed digital marketing training institute. Many of my friends recommended ILT based in Kochi. Very soon, I met Mr. Jitto Jose – the CEO of ILT and came to know that he had around 12 years experience in digital marketing and was both Google Analytics and Google Adwords certified professional!! Without giving a second thought, I joined ILT and within a

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    Ashish Kumar, Cochin

    Mobile – 9496301584

    After completing my MBA, I worked as a marketing person. But as things changed when generic marketing became less effective, I was forced to know more about the digital side. To learn it, I joined for an ILT course. Now, I’m an expert in digital marketing, and I’m ahead the competition. Thanks to ILT.

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